Welcome to The Plant!

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If you haven’t heard of The Plant before, we are so excited that you have found us, since you’ve been probably searching for something just like us for a long time.

The Plant is a community D.I.Y. creative space made up of local Tallahassee residents, creatives, musicians, writers, poets, activists, students, families, transient populations, traveling artists, gardeners, time-bankers, and more.

D.I. Y. stands for do-it-yourself.  Do you want to work on your art?  Do you want to teach others?  Do you want to engage in community dialogue about a topic, idea, or cause?  Do you want to hold a meeting?  Do you want to exhibit your work?  Do you want to rehurse for an event?  Do you want to read your poetry?  Do you want to build something?  Do you want to raise money for a charitable event?  What do YOU want to do?

Come here.  All are welcome.

Our goal is to encourage community members to self-direct their creative dreams and ideas in a space of facilitation.  Rather than direct, we as a collaborative space provide what we might have on hand—materials, space, basic PR, suggestions, and volunteers.  What we cannot provide, we collectively do what we can WITH YOU to make it happen.  Check out the EVENTS page to find out what is happening here and how you can make your own things happen.


Stay Informed

  1. Attend Open Volunteer Meetings. 
    • Every Tuesday at 6pm at The Plant is a free-for-all discussion for new event proposals, what’s coming up next, and how everyone can get involved.
    • Feel free to arrive at 5pm if you’d like to discuss funding opportunities, administrative decisions, and sustainable planning for the future.
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2018 Goals

We believe we can do so much more for and in our community, but we cannot do it without more volunteers!